Whether you’re a complete beginner or in the midst of your driving experience DT-UK driving school will help train, support and prepare you for the successful completion of your Practical Driving Test.

Our instructors will provide invaluable support during your lessons to aid you in the learning aspects of not only your practical test but support and enhanced learning so that you have greater awareness of the rules and regulations of driving when you attempt your Theory and Hazard Perception Test.

We understand that our learners all come from different backgrounds and individuals have varied commitments to work, education or family life.

Therefore we are happy to liaise with learners to accommodate them in regards to arranging lessons from home, work or college in accordance with the timings they prefer.

How many lessons will I need?

Depending on your ability to learn and your commitment to the driving experience, each learner will vary when it comes to the number of lessons required to reach driving test standard.

Here are the main findings from the most recent government survey undertaken:

• Virtually all respondents (including those who failed the theory as well the practical test) had taken at least some lessons with an approved driving instructor (ADI). The average amount was 52 hours, but half of the candidates had less than 40 hours of professional instruction.

• Fifty-five per cent of respondents had practice sessions with friends or relatives, with an average of 24 hours.

• The average learning time to the practical test was 14 months, but 14% of candidates came to the test without any experience of driving in the dark.

• Those who passed the test took an average of 47 hours of professional tuition; any amount of practice with friends and relations was associated with higher pass rates. The total driving experience for passers averaged 67 hours.